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Businessman in a Car

The Founding of Business Mens Fellowship (B.M.F)

We know that God is sovereign.  We see in Scripture how He sets the stage for a divine purpose even years prior to when He will sovereignly move to accomplish that plan.  We also know God has a way of getting our attention when He is ready to move.  The founding of Business Men’s Fellowship is one of those experiences.

His vision for BMF began with the vision of a renowned Christian statesman, Demos Shakarian, almost sixty years ago with a group of businessmen who had a call to share Jesus Christ with other businessmen in the marketplace - emenempowered by the dynamic of the Holy Spirit.  That small group grew into a large worldwide laymen’s organization.

In 1995 the organization seemed to some members to be straying from the original vision and a small group of these members within the international organization met in Kansas City, Missouri to pray.  Each man came to that meeting with his own perception of what would take place, but the Holy Spirit intervened with His own message. During prayer and reflection God shared His heart for their mission - “You are together here for my purpose and my intentions.”  His special purpose and plan for BMF was now revealed.

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