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Members of BMF were commissioned by God to claim Christ in the marketplace.  Every member is trained, equipped and empowered to fulfill Christ’s instructions for His Great Commission in Matthew 28:19.

BMF Chapters offer a variety of meeting options.  Some are one hour midweek breakfast or lunch meetings centered on a strong personal testimony of a Christian businessman. Others are evening or weekend meetings with a longer format.  All meetings are designed to reach those who do not have a personal relationship with Christ and to strengthen believers through a clear Gospel presentation and allowing the Holy Spirit to minister.

  • Impacting men for Christ through personal testimonies.

  • Empowering men with the Holy Spirit through encouragement and prayer.

  • Dedicating lives and resources for world evangelism through relationships.


  • Bible – Guided by the Word of God.

  • Prayer – Intimacy with the Father.

  • Holy Spirit – Power for ministry, equips, fills us, helps, convicts, comforts, bears fruit through us.

  • Integrity – Wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

  • Discipleship – Equipping for Kingdom assignments.

  • Servanthood – Serving Christ by serving all men. Servanthood – Serving Christ by serving all men.

  • Support financial dedication and servanthood.

  • Evangelism – Passion for the lost.

  • Ambassador – Being about the work of the kingdom.

  • Fellowship – Strengthening your brothers.

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